Whether your needs are for a group of 10 or a group of 500, we would be happy to work with you on customizing a menu that fits within your budget and venue space parameters.  We can work with buffet set-ups, or sit down dinners with full service.  We are not limited in anyway to Italian or Mediterranean for our catering.  Call us to discuss options at 512-321-7808.

We also have private space to accommodate up to 35 people.

Please inquire directly, so that we may put together a quote for you.

Some popular catering ideas:

·          Soups & Salad

·          Garlic Bread



 ·          Roasted Pork Loin ·          Mashed Garlic Potatoes
 ·          Kafta ·          Mixed Vegetables
 ·          Catfish ·          3 Cheese Potatoes
 ·          Penne Rustica ·          Herbed Potatoes
 ·          Chicken Parmesan ·         Mushroom Rice
 ·          Salmon ·         Garden Rice
 ·          Prime Rib ·         Saffron Rice
 ·          Fajitas ·          Corn
 ·          Lebanese Chicken & Rice 
 ·          Tilapia 
 ·          Chicken Billini 
 ·          Spaghetti 
 ·          Chicken Alfredo